Dungeon Master Scratch Board


  • Scratch Board available in two sizes and two colors
  • Each Board includes a Dry Erase marker!

Tired of wasting paper?  Save a tree and buy our Scratch Board!  Need to keep track of spell slots?  Want to track how many damage points your party has delved out to that Goblin?  Want to keep some quick down-and-dirty info for your party’s encounter?  You can use dry or wet erase markers to keep track of all of this and more!  Our Boards come in two sizes for your doodling needs:  9.25″x7″ or 8″x5.5″ with your choice of Red or Black hand-inking.  The handy side cutout is great to hold the included dry erase marker, your hot dice, or allows either size Board to be kept in a standard 3-ring binder when not in use.

Weight 0.5 lbs


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