Large Air Coach


  • Large Air Coach
    • (1) Contour Cut, Gridded Top Plate 7″x5.5″
    • (1) 4″ Solid Acrylic Rod
    • (1) 4″x4″ Center Post Base Plate

Our Large Air Coach allows an elegant and affordable way to visualize your players high in the air.  Imagine Air Coach chase scenes through city spires!  Or, use as a small Sea-worthy vessel, ferrying your party across dangerous waters where enemies can lurk below.  Each Large Air Coach set comes with a 1″ gridded 6.5″x4″ contour cut Ship Outline (actual plate measurements are 7″x5.5″), (1) 4″ Solid Acrylic Rod, & (1) 4″x4″ Base Plate.  As always, our Button and Rod system makes the Air Coach completely compatible and interchangeable with ALL of our Risers, Rods, and Connectors.  Let your imagination soar!


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 in
Included In Set

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