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3D Deluxe Riser Kit

Our 3D Combat Riser Set comes with LASER-ETCHED gridlines allowing the clear stands to disappear into the background. The combination of plates and multiple, interchangeable solid acrylic rods with rod connectors allows the player or DM multiple height configurations. Our set is made of durable clear acrylic and is manufactured right here in the US! Each deluxe set comes with (1) 5×5″ Bottom, (2) 4×4″ Mid, & (1) 4×4″ Top plates, (2) 2″, (1) 3″, (2) 4″ solid acrylic rods & 2 rod connectors. Rods are interchangeable with Single Flyers, Risers, and connectors. The possibilities are endless!

Single Flyer

The Single Flyer kit designed for the player OR DM!  Our Single Flyer kit comes with (4) 2″ Square Plates, (2) 2″ Rods, (1) 3″ Rod, (1) 4″ Rod & (2) Connectors, enough for TWO Single Flyer towers of customizable height.  A very economical addition to your Riser Kit to elevate your miniatures during gameplay!   Give yourself or your players a quick visual reference to enhance the adventure experience.  Not only can you use the towers on a table-top or game mat, but also the Single Flyers will work on most 3D terrain (needs 2″ square of playable space).   After the adventure, use the Flyers to display your prized miniatures for all to admire.

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Elevate your next tabletop game encounter with Axe N Shield! Will your party forge a hero or weep over a TPK? Bring this exciting visual dimension to YOUR next game!

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